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We encourage requests, trades, band introductions, colorbars, icons, fsts, etc

DISCLAIMER: The RIAA states that music should be removed from your computer after twenty-four hours. This community holds no liability for your actions after said twenty-four hours.

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  • User Friendly Conduct: No harmful comments, no flame wars. If you violate this you will be warned. If you violate this a second time your comments will be deleted and you will be banned. This is a community, we all have to learn to get along!

  • Advertisements: Feel free to post ads to other communities, sites, etc. so long as they pertain to music!</i>
  • Lj-cuts:If you have a long entry please use a lj-cut!

  • Fsts: Obviously, people are going to want to make fsts on other things besides music, thats fine. Just make sure they include music.

  • Friend's Only:Please mark all journal entries as "Friend's Only"!

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    We currently have no affiliates. D: If you'd like to become an affiliate please post a comment on the "Friend's Only" entry. Thanks!